If you screw this up it’s time to throw in the towel for good … because even though I AM THE LAZIEST affiliate online…

How I Sleep Walk into $3,000/month affiliate sites… then sit back and watch them start passively banking $11,461 a month or more… and once the money starts coming it’s UNSTOPPABLE… even if I stay in bed all day and hardly touch my PC for weeks.

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Disclaimer: While all examples and results shown on this website are real, they are not intended to represent or to guarantee specific results, and the average student may experience different results.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)

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Date: 2018
From The Sagging Couch Of: Dan Brock

Dear Friend:

If you’re reading this… you probably work a lot harder than me.

You’re not alone. Even most of the Internet marketing “gurus” who brag about their “lazy” lives work way more than I do… and don’t have much to show for it.

And if that sounds “unfair”… there’s nothing to stop you from joining me.

Because if you’re willing to stop racing around looking for the latest “loophole”, “glitch” or “miracle” to trick Twitter… fake out Facebook… or game Google…

… you’re right where you need to be.

In fact… you can be about the laziest S.O.B. on the planet and still potentially pull in online income in as little as 5 hours per week without any of the usual roadblocks in your path…

…even if you can hardly work a computer… even if you can’t force yourself out of bed before noon and you can’t concentrate more than 10 minutes at a time… heck,

even if you’re under doctor’s orders to stay in bed all day!

I should know… because that’s exactly where I ended up a few short months ago.

A couple friends convinced me it would be “fun” to take a full-contact Kung Fu class (normally the closest I come to a “sport” is channel surfing)…

…  and this strip-mall dojo instructor did some ninja “hip throw” move and tossed my body up in the air while my leg went the other direction.

Just like that I officially became the least athletic person ever to tear their ACL – some part of the knee I didn’t even know I had until it swelled up to the size of a grapefruit.

It’s usually some super-athlete injury.

Maybe that’s what the surgeon thought I was (hey, Madden is a kind of a sport) when he told me I’d need an intense three hours of surgery.

I’d already been hobbled for a full month before the swelling finally came down when the Doc said:

“Sorry to have to tell you this, but you’re going to have to be out of work for at least a couple more weeks after this,” he said.

I just smiled. He probably thought it was the anesthesia kicking in, but I knew I’d be leaving that operating room richer than when they wheeled me in…

… and even if the doctor ordered me not to get out of bed for the next month or more (like I’d need to be ordered)… I’d still have more than enough cash coming in to pay the bills.

Good thing, too – if I’d had a “real” job… I would have been screwed. Because I spent the next two straight weeks sleeping from all the painkillers they had me hopped up on.

Once in a while, I’d wake up long enough to lean over and check my email on laptop next to the bed.

I couldn’t have done any more “work” than that even if I wanted to.

Still… it turned out...

I’d slept right through
one of my most profitable months EVER (at the time)!

And if you’re wondering if I pulled this off by being some kind of tech wiz marketing genius… or exploiting some hidden “loophole”…

Not by a long shot.

The thought of looking for loopholes just makes me tired.

I’ve seen the HARD WAY of making a six-figure income online first-hand (more on that in a minute)…

… and I realized a long time ago if I really wanted to never wake up to an “A.M.” on my alarm clock… if I was serious about never “working” more than an hour a day (and ZERO on weekends)…

… I had to find something easier. Something that never goes out of date… never “slaps” you or changes the game around

So while every other affiliate marketer I knew competes for commissions on the latest Clickbank ebook or CPA offer… sweating it out to sell people on stuff they didn’t know they needed…

… I’ve managed to pull down a steady middle manager’s income with the absolute laziest marketing task on the planet… without “selling” a thing.

At the same time 99% of affiliates are busy begging, pleading and cajoling all the traffic they can buy, borrow or steal just to open their wallets a crack…

…I’m settling onto the couch with my PS4 controller while a jetstream of FREE traffic crams its way through my affiliate links with the cash already halfway out of their pockets.

And I didn’t discover some magical “secret” niche, either. That would take research… keyword tools… competitive analysis… heck, I’m getting out of breath just thinking about it.

All I did was take a step back and look at what the biggest chunk of the 1.5 BILLION+ people online are shopping for… and made…

Big Lazy Obvious Discovery #1… there are way more' people pulling out the plastic for physical products than buying the latest Clickbank ebook… and…

Big Lazy Obvious Discovery #2... the world’s biggest goldmines for all the real-world products people are stuffing their virtual shopping carts with are the affiliate networks like Amazon… Commission Junction… and Walmart.com that pay out millions in commissions every month.

Now, you might be thinking…

Amazon?! Physical Products?! Are you freakin’ kidding me? This is 2018, for crying out loud! Who would settle for 7-15% commissions when you could be getting 50%+ on Clickbank?

A lazy bastard like me… that’s who.

And it was a “no brainer” decision once I discovered I could have Amazon and the other brand name networks cutting me commission checks like these on the regular…

Disclaimer: While all examples and results shown on this website are real, they are not intended to represent or to guarantee specific results, and the average student may experience different results.

… because here’s what I don’t have to go through to get that money:

I don’t have to “sell” anything or persuade anybody to want something they weren’t already dead set on buying.

And I don’t have to fight it out with hundreds… even thousands of other affiliates for scraps.

And so there’s no cutting-edge “SEO”… paid traffic… or any need to crank out articles and sales pages full of NLP and other Jedi mind tricks… or even come up with “bonuses”… in order to get people to click on my link.

Just go with the flow and collect my cut.

Heck, maybe you’re smarter than me (you probably are – I wasn’t exactly voted “most likely to succeed”)…

… or maybe you’ve got all the time in the world to spend hours keeping “up to speed” on all the latest traffic and copywriting techniques you need to stay ahead of the hoards of other affiliates going after the same tired old keywords you are.

Me… I’d rather steer clear of the digital moshpit and just scoop up a lazy (but lucrative) slice of the $34 billion in sales Amazon alone is going to get this year...

...With or without me…

That’s 14 times what Clickbank’s made since they opened for business (back in 1998!)… and with customers coming in the door already “pre-sold” on snapping up everything from $24.99 romance novels to $5,000 video cameras…

… and one out of every 6 visitors you send over to Amazon making a purchase…

… trust me – you don't even think about commission rates when cashing the checks.

After all, when Amazon paid out a cool $12.6 billion just to affiliates last year and Clickbank hasn’t cracked $2 billion in total sales in a decade… even a lazy guy can do the math.

And with 30,000+ different products in the Amazon marketplace practically flying off the shelves (compared to just a few “hot” ebooks of the week)…

… if you run into something “competitive”… fine. Just pick something else.

The best part is… if you’re reading this letter you probably have a HUGE “unfair advantage” over most of the people dividing up that $12.6 billion.

If you’ve been busting your ass to keep your head above water selling ebooks… you can walk in and take these clueless Amazon affiliates’ lunch money.

In fact… you’ll wonder why you ever bothered fighting it out for commissions on a few lousy PDFs like a used car salesman on Presidents’ Day once you discover…

It's potentially possible to collect affiliate paychecks from Amazon (and other "brand name" networks) practically just for showing up


Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)

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Here’s why affiliate marketing with Amazon and similar “name brand product” networks is not only the laziest… but hands-down the most RELIABLE way to make it as an affiliate… and not just for a week or a month – for good

The “rules” almost NEVER change.

It’s a deadbeat’s dream come true – Amazon’s been running the same “Associate’s Program” since 1996 (they practically invented the idea of giving commissions on product sales)…

… and in all the time I’ve been paying my rent with it there’s never been any need to switch up the traffic sources and strategies I’ve been using since the beginning.

I can get away without learning any fancy new traffic tricks for years at a time… which means I don't have to chase down the endless rat race of new “opportunities” that you probably see flooding your email inbox daily.

Think about it: One day Google’s up… then it’s down. Then there was Twitter… now Twitter’s “dead”?... and the next “big thing” is Facebook… or media buying… or some new flavor of Google…

Well, you can hit the “unsubscribe” button on all those “must read” guru lists…

… because the only “change” that’s going to happen with Amazon anytime soon is an explosion in profits as more and more shoppers go online looking for the best deals on everything from books and DVDs to Plasma bigscreens and kitchenware.

That means once things are up and running… you can COUNT ON the commissions to keep racking up even if you barely do any “work” at all…

(a hard day of work at the office...)

So whether you decide to quit your job… or just cut back your hours…

… or even if your friends talk you into performing some ill-advised martial arts stunt that doesn’t involve a game controller and you end up knocked out on painkillers the size of horse pills…

… or you go into work tomorrow… and just like you knew they would -- some fat ass eats your clearly-marked lunch out of the fridge and you finally lose control… and it’s like an out of body experience where you just see yourself cursing people out and you know there’s no turning back…

… or for whatever reason, whether it’s on you or the luck of the draw, you wake up tomorrow… next week… or next month with no more 9-5 paychecks coming in…

Amazon’s never going to fire you, downsize you, or “Google slap” you… and the money keeps coming in without having to start over from scratch every few weeks when some “algorithm” or fine-print policy changes up on you.

It’s the only way I’ve ever discovered (and believe me, I've tried almost everything online) that you can literally make money while you sleep… and just keep hitting the snooze button knowing everything’s running just fine without me.

All you need to do is get your ticket punched and settle in for the ride.

And I’ll come right out and admit it…

Amazon is probably NOT going to make you those whopping six figures a month incomes the gurus promise you… but I’ve seen the guys pulling down those eye-popping commission checks – and I don’t envy them for a second…

Remember I mentioned the really HARD way to make money online? The few affiliates who manage to “make it big” with PPC… banners… social media wizardry… and all the rest of the latest loopholes may look like they’ve got it made…

But here’s the truth:  These guys work more hours than most people with full-time “regular jobs.”

What’s that? They told you you’d be out by the pool while all that Clickbank and CPA money poured in? Think again, buddy.

I KNOW some affiliates who’ve made the big six and seven figure “empires” promoting digital products… and you know what?

They spend 12 or 14 hours a day in front of a computer screen… heck, two or three computer screens.

( The average desk of those 12 hour work day Super Affiliates. Who wants to live like this? )

That’s how much work this “cutting edge” stuff is – if you’re “lucky” and “make it” you can’t even get by with just one monitor anymore. Not “productive” enough.

It makes me tired just looking at these setups.

They’re jumping on the phone and on and off Skype with affiliate managers… account reps… JV partners… they have to keep pictures of their families on their desks to remember what the heck they look like… their girlfriends are about ready to dump their ass because they’re never around… even their pets hate them…

I don’t even know what they DO with all the money they make. It’s sure as hell nothing fun, I know that. Probably pay lawyers and accountants or something.


And the other thing these “type A” superaffiliates (and their wannabes) “forget” to tell you about… is all the money they have to SPEND to keep those six-figure paydays coming in.

I’m talking about wallets full of maxed out plastic just to keep everything afloat.

And I don’t know about you… but the idea of spending $50,000 a month on traffic doesn’t exactly give me a warm, fuzzy “peace of mind” feeling.

More like an ulcer:  What if it all comes crashing down? And you know what? It DOES come crashing down once in awhile.

Most of the big CPA and “media buying” honchos have gone flat broke… heck, deep down in the red… and had to claw their way back to the top from scratch two or three times already.

I’m sure “living on the edge” is a rush… but it sure isn’t something you can be lazy about… or count on to pay the bills every month without riding a desk all day and main-lining caffeine. You gotta hustle… and if you stop, there are 10 other guys breathing down your neck waiting to eat your lunch.

No thanks.

So, now that you know the stakes -- here’s the deal...

Even though the “next big thing” in affiliate marketing seems to be changing week by week…

There’s never been a BETTER time
to start cashing in on Amazon and other "Brand Name" networks!

You haven’t missed some “ground floor” opportunity that’s going to leave you forever two steps behind a front-runner pack of “gurus”…

Because unlike AdWords… the SEO “Google Dance”… CPV… social media and the rest of the affiliate marketing alphabet soup… you can potentially be just as successful TODAY as if you’d hopped on 10 years ago.

There’s still a “learning curve” though…

… and in the very beginning it took me a few long half days at the “office” (my kitchen table, near the fridge) to get everything straight.

The frustrating part was… there were thousands of “threads” on the forums about everything from PPC to Adsense… but nobody seemed to know much of anything about affiliate marketing with Amazon – except that it was supposedly a “waste of time.”

Physical products?,” the ‘experts’ said. “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know you can make a sh*tload more money selling ebooks?”

The good news is… I’m going to show you how to sleep walk right past the “testing and tweaking” phase… the stage that made me pull those brutal 4-hour days…

… and get past all the “theory” and guesswork to the good stuff – Amazon affiliate commissions – with 100% FREE traffic – faster than you ever thought possible.

I’d call it a “running start”… but fortunately you can do all of this sitting down… and with my PROVEN five-step blueprint I’m going to gulp down a bunch of coffee and stay awake just long enough to reveal…


Pretty much everybody you know is shelling out cash for something on Amazon – the trick is finding the products the bulk of all those billions in sales are going to.

Pick the wrong product to promote… and it’s more work for you. Pick the  RIGHT items out of the marketplace and Amazon won’t be able to stuff the commissions into your account fast enough.

And it’s dead simple once you know…

The white hot product “trifecta” – nail these three “it factors” and you’ll suck in more traffic than an onramp at rush hour…

How to spot products that almost force irrationally passionate “desperate” buyers to click the “Add to Cart” button (this trick alone makes me an effortless $200 a month in the “snoring” niche)…

The ratings sweet spot that just about guarantees an item is in hot demand (hint: it’s NOT 5 stars)…

The “safety in numbers” test that proves you’ve found a hot niche… not a low-traffic dead end (getting this right is the key to milking Amazon for “passive” cash on autopilot)…

How to “eyeball” Google search results to instantly pick out the “easy money” keywords – and IGNORE the losers…

Now you’re ready to start “populating” your sites with articles – and fortunately there are some ultra-lazy hacks and shortcuts for getting all this writing done FAST… and making sure it converts like crazy the first time around so you never have to touch it again.

I’ll show you…


A sneaky (but completely ethical) “shortcut” I use to get Amazon to do almost half of my review “writing” for me

The “third party” strategy that ethically “steals” customers away to order through your affiliate link… even if they’ve already gone directly to Amazon.

Why adding 4-5 competing products to your site can spike your rankings overnight… and the one type of “related” items to AVOID at all costs…

The 6-word “poison pill” phrase that compels visitors to read your review before they buy…

The one time “reviewing” a product can sabotage your profits…

55 lines of “nonsense” text I cut and paste… just once… into every site to give it an instant rankings boost…

If “SEO” sounds like work… well, it is… IF you’re competing with a bunch of other SEO-obsessed Internet marketers for the same keyword.

But with Amazon products… your “competition” will make you feel like an SEO super-wiz. And you’ll easily get the top Google rankings that have been frustratingly out of reach before once I show you…


How to dodge the little known search engine “blind spot” that can make your best keywords invisible to Google…

The one “red flag” of weakness competing sites are hiding in plain site… and how to use it to get into the top 3 spots on Google in one month or less…

It’s impossible to outrank Amazon for its own products, right? WRONG! You can bump them off the top spot in between commercials once you know exactly where to hit them…

Why ‘perma-linking’ your reviews to this one Amazon page almost every affiliate ignores can explode your conversions (it’s not the product description)…

How to “tag” your articles to make sure they show up on Google even if your keywords are nowhere in the search…

How to automatically “drip feed” content into your blog… while avoiding the “autoblog” footprint that poisons most affiliate sites (this secret has kept my sites up and running for years while competing sites get benched)…

Why ignoring “no follow” links can send your site straight into the Google “sandbox”… and how to make sure your “link profile” looks natural to the search engines from day one…

How to use “generic” domains to keep your sites at the top of Google (and one word you should NEVER include in your domain name – getting this wrong guarantees you’ll get “slapped”)…

The truth about link-building – here’s precisely how many “lazy” links to build per day… and the “2 tier” link wheel trick that gets you maximum “juice” from every backlink…

How to turn “done for you” RSS feeds into a “deep linking” powerhouse that multiplies your search engine exposure with zero extra effort…

WARNING: Link exchage services can get you fast rankings… but most end up “footprinting” your site as spam. Here are 3 I’ve tested and proven safe to use.

Conversions are the “missing piece” most affiliates leave out – and I can’t blame them: It sounds like a lot of work. But here’s the truth: The better your review sites convert, the less of them you have to build.

Think about it – just ONE site converting at 10% is worth 5 sites that barely scrape by at 2%.

And even though all this math is making me a little dizzy… it’s worth it because you can make the same money with a fraction of the workload once you discover…


Three questions you MUST answer in every review (forget even one of these and you’re leaving money on the table)…

The “devil’s advocate” trick that automatically keeps your reviews unbiased (so many affiliates get this wrong, you’ll instantly have the “go to” site in your niche when you start using it)…

Cut and paste this one image into your reviews for an immediate 1% bump in sales (I’ll give you the code to drag and drop)…

The “man behind the curtain” secret that instantly adds “authority” to your reviews (and sends click-throughs through the roof)…

Most affiliates lose up to 25% of the commissions they should be making to this hidden traffic “loophole” – here’s a one-time 3 click tweak to get them back…

You should ONLY be targeting “long tail” keywords, right? Not if you want maximum sales with minimum articles. Use this unique indirect review format to get traffic from terms most “experts” claim are “too general.”

The “gambler’s code” trick to making sure your best sites thrive… without wasting links on duds…

How to leave competitors eating your dust… by competing with yourself…

… And once the commissions start coming in… and you can see which sites are producing the lion’s share of your income… here’s how to take those “A list” income streams

… and with just a few “tweaks”… pump them up into “authority sites” Google will just about FORCE to the top of the rankings:


How to instantly “authoritize” your most successful Wordpress blogs – by making a quick tweak to the “look and feel” of just one page (it only takes a few clicks… but even affiliates who’ve been using Wordpress for years never figure it out)…

Why most affiliate sites are too “thin” to stay at the top of Google… and how boosting your sites’ “stick rate” could easily cut your “work week” in half…

The sneaky “broken link network” secret that fast-tracks the indexing of every site… article… video… and link-wheel hub you create…

How to automatically “outsource” your link-building… for FREE… using this “off the radar” Web 2.0 site…

How to “stack” your content… and generate massive exposure for your highest-converting articles and videos…

“Bleeding edge” secrets to making a killing as an Amazon affiliate in foreign language markets (I’ll show you exactly how I’m crushing it in Germany… even though I don’t speak a single word of German!)… NOBODY is doing this… and that means…

… You can dominate a niche with even LESS work than before!

Affiliate marketing is just starting to take off in these foreign markets… so you can almost effortlessly cash in… just by showing up! And even though the “foreign language” part might sound like work…

… you’ll get my laziest shortcuts for blasting right through the language barrier and raking in HUGE commissions without ever cracking open a phrase book

(This alone could quickly scale into a “full time” income!)

“Rinse and repeat” this blueprint as many times as you want… heck, make me look like a total underachiever (I don’t mind).

It's just a question of “working” until you’ve hit whatever “number” you’ve got your sights on to quit your job… pay your bills… or start stashing a rainy day fund…

… then sit back (or better yet, lie down) and let the commissions pile up.



Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)

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This is the exact blueprint that let me wake up from weeks of almost ZERO activity after knee surgery… with all my bills paid, the rent taken care of, and an even fatter bank balance than when I went under the knife…

… and once you’ve gone through it once… you’re set. You can have complete peace of mind knowing you’re not going to have to start from scratch with a whole new “system” 6 weeks... 6 months… probably not even 6 years from now.

There’s no need to chase after “loopholes” to keep your head above water… study the latest hard-sell persuasion tactics… or juggle paid traffic campaigns.

Just keep hitting the snooze button and repeat until satisfied… and make sure you’ve got a nice, comfortable couch because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it.

And with the (already short) “learning curve” cut down to the quick with my five-step (take it easy) action plan… you’ll get there faster than you ever thought possible.

OK, Dan… How Much?

All this writing is making me tired… so I’m not going to risk some kind of stress injury going on and on about how valuable this is.

After all… it’s literally a “soup to nuts” road map to go from A (trading too much time for way too little money)… to B (your first affiliate commissions – and a truly passive income that keeps on going even if you’re literally comatose)…

Actually, when I put it that way it sounds pretty damn good – I should probably go on for a few pages and convince you to fork over $997 for it… but I’d rather take a nap.

If I get a second wind later on I might jack up the price a bit…

… but for now I’m going to take a break and let you grab everything I’ve told you about here for the price of a couple movie tickets and small popcorns –  just one payment of $17!

PLUS… to make this even more of a “no brainer” so I can quit writing already and get my sleep on… I’m going to throw in two bonuses that are EACH… easily… worth more than the purchase price.

And more importantly, they’re going to take even more “hard work” out of the picture.

These are ONLY going to be around for fast action-takers…

… so even though I hate to tell anybody to take action (easy to pull something) you really do need to move on these quickly – you can sleep in extra late tomorrow to make up for it.

Fast Action Bonus #1

As a part of joining Deadbeat Super Affilaite (maybe the best part)...

I'm putting on a special LIVE web event for you, where I’ve tracked down several guys and gals who all started from way behind, mostly as beginners, and are now making anywhere from $50,000 per month all the way up to $400,000 per month...

...And convinced these Super Affiliates to reveal where they are making their money, RIGHT NOW in 2018. Not 6-months ago, not 1 year ago, right the heck now.

It’s all done with the same system for getting free traffic, and they aren’t just doing it with affiliate marketing. This also works if you prefer to get free traffic for other people, what we call SEO client consulting, or if you want to have your own products, like on Amazon.

(For example we’ve got one girl who did $1 million in sales on Amazon this last December alone!)

You’re also going to see real money-getting websites and web properties. It’s going to get you excited. It might freak you out a little bit. And if you take it serious, I promise it will change your life forever.

( Check out the income of one of the websites you'll see a behind the scenes look at. )

The motivational value of this bonus web event alone is INSANE. It will energize you to make money online as if you just chugged 6 Red Bulls all at once. Do not miss this special event!

... And I've even removed one of the biggest stumbling blocks by giving away my secret "top conversion" affiliate theme as a fast acting bonus...

Fast Action Bonus #2

The "Deadbeat Theme" is my tried and tested physical product affiliate marketing Wordpress theme...

... that can potentially double or even TRIPLE the commission earning potential of your "Deadbeat Sites" the moment you install it!

This is the secret sauce behind my Deadbeat system, and even if you already know everything I reveal in my new system (which I highly doubt)...

...this powerful top converting affiliate theme will still easily be worth 10X the investment cost of my system to you.

And there’s no reason to wait – because you’re totally protected from day one by my…

This system is designed to get you running as quickly as possible – but because I don’t want you to feel like you have to rush through anything you’ve got a full month to test everything out.

And if for any reason… or no reason at all… you’re not amazed at how little you have to “work” for the money you’re making… then I insist you send me an email at makemoneyonlinedeadbeat@gmail.com so I can rush you an immediate refund of every penny you paid.

Whatever you decide, the fast-action bonuses are yours to keep as my “thank you” for giving Deadbeat Super Affiliate an honest try… and we’ll part friends. No hassles, no runarounds, no forms to fill out.



You need to act now, though… before the fast-action bonuses disappear or I get too many emails from my JV partners complaining about my lazy job at pricing this thing and they pressure me into hiking it up.

So here’s how to order right now:


I’m clicking the “Add to Cart” button to get instant access to Deadbeat Superaffiliate and all the fast-action bonuses right away!

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I understand I’m completely covered by your generous 100% guarantee for a full 30 days, so there’s no reason to wait and risk losing out!

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See you on the inside,


P.S.  Still here? I guess you just like to read… but you’d be much better off reading the first steps of the Deadbeat Superaffiliate course right now… and being that much closer to your first $3,000 month.

The bottom line is… you’re at an important crossroads here… and you really have just two choices if you’re at all serious about “making it” in affiliate marketing this year.

First Option: You can keep chasing after every “can’t fail” loophole that crosses your email inbox… spend your free time forcing down the “latest” in Internet marketing courses… and fight it out on Google with hordes of competitors to sell enough ebooks to pay your Adwords bill… or…

Second Option: You can set up FREE streams of traffic now that will continue to run for you for years to come without having to “re-learn” the whole game every few months. And unlike the “superaffiliates” you see bragging about their seven-figure “empires”… you’ll actually have time to do things other than affiliate marketing – like eating, sleeping, and spending time with your family…

… or traveling if you want to, just like I do on a whim every year:

Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)

*Special 84% OFF discount expires soon.

P.P.S.  Remember those guys on the forums I told you about who insisted I was NUTS to promote physical products with Amazon rather than the latest, greatest ebook? Here are some testimonials I received recently from some of these same marketers...

What Real People Are Saying
About Their Experience With My System

What Chris Says: "Hey Chris here, and before getting hooked up with Dan's Deadbeat Super Affiliate system, I was working at a warehouse making $13/hour for 50 hours a week and it was pretty terrible. Now I have an online business, and I make roughly $8,000 per month, and that's pretty much 4 TIMES what I was making at the warehouse. I can't speak anymore highly of Dan and his techniques. I highly recommend Deadbeat Super Affiliate."

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

What Dave Flagel says: "Hey I'm Dave from Baltimore, and I used to be a cook and I was barely making any money, but since Dan showed me his system (which was surprisingly easy to do considering I had no experience online) I'm now making
about $6,000 a month
... and I do it from home basically whenever I want. So thanks, Dan!

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

What Jan Roos says: "Hi, My name is Jan Roos - After trying the Deadbeat Super Affiliate system, I'm now actually making over $10,000 every month, and it's not even that hard to do once you figure out the techniques. Dan is a great guy, great customer service, and he really does know what he's doing. If you want to be a good marketer, I highly suggest you start following Dan Brock."

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

What Eli Birdsall says: "Hey guys I'm Eli and I'm 20 years old... and a few days ago I put Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate system into action, and I'm already ranking on Google's first page and already made 3 affiliate sales and it was that easy!"

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

What Shaun Farmer says: "This is an awesome testimonial for Dan's Deadbeat system. With it, I've been earning consistent earnings with several Deadbeat sites. Some make $400/m, some making $500/m... just by implementing and following his program."

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

What Naim Benallouch says: "Hey Deadbeats - I just wanted to make a video to comment on my success with Dan's Deadbeat system. After struggling 2 years online, I bought Dan's system, and now I have 2 Deadbeat sites ranked for high volume keywords and I've made over $20,000 in profit in the last 4 months! Thanks to Dan's system, this stuff really changed my life. "

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Bruno Polimeni -

Dan's teaching methods are great for beginners or people who have tried to make money online but are not having much success. I have been using has methods and now I am starting to make a steady income of $600 per month. I only do this part time a few hours a week, but plan on going full time soon. Dan is very down to earth and so are his teaching methods. There is no razzmatazz about his course, just proven methods that require effort and time that will pay off in the long term. If you are a newbie to IM this is the most place to start..

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Zach Winsett -


Dan walked me through step-by-step into selling physical products and thoroughly covered the all of the details. The way Dan teaches in videos and his willingness not to rush through the materials helped me more than any other Internet Marketing course I have ever purchased (and I have purchased MANY). I made my first sale using Amazon Associates within 1 week of buying Dan’s system and have seen my sales continue to increase. I recently purchased 200 domain names and I plan to implement all of the strategies that Dan provides. If you are on the fence about this course there is no need to hesitate.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Jason Anderson -


I found Dan's course extremely easy to follow - his training videos hit all the key points that I needed to know about making money from Amazon, and he was extremely good at anticipating any questions I might have had and answering them all. I had played a bit with being an Amazon affiliate in the past, but never with much success.

Within a few weeks of applying what I learnt in his course I began making sales, and I'm still making sales today without doing any further work on my sites. Dan is definitely knows what he is talking about, and I highly recommend his course to anyone who wants to become a successful Amazon affiliate.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Ken McFarland -


Dan’s stuff is the real deal. And somehow, Dan makes you believe you really can do it. Before I even finished an earlier course he offered, I put together a set of five websites that are now happily turning themselves into little oil wells for me! Before his course, I couldn’t seem to get off dead center.

Some training packages you buy are overpriced. Some of them are huge disappointments once you get them. Some of them tell you nothing you didn’t already know. NONE of that is true of Dan’s materials.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Deirdre Baker -


I had been struggling to make sense of all the Guru crap out there, most of which was just the same rehashed junk I had paid for so many times before. It wasn’t until I tried Dan’s course that it all started to fall into place. Not only was the information super easy to follow and understand, it was unique content, much of which I had not seen revealed anywhere before.

I was able to make my first sale in under a week! AWEEK! I had struggled for two years and Dan’s course made me money in one week. I couldn’t believe it. And, his training was amazing; very easy to keep up, even for the newbies.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Jack O'Ryan -


Hello, My name is Jack O'Ryan,

I bought two of Dan's courses about a year ago and man has it made a difference in my business.
You see, I have been trying to make money online since 2003, but I always got frustrated and walked away from it as all i did was lose money.

In 2008, I got serious and work my butt off, but still was having a rough time.

So, I came across Dan's courses and man, he seemed like a real stand up guy. His teaching methods are also so easy to follow.

So it was then that I started to implement his ideas and in no time I had some websites up and now I am starting to see success.

I just wish he was around back when I first started, but, I have made up for my lack of success by his help.

I will not ever hesitate to buy what Dan has to offer as I know it will be quality stuff.

Thanks Dan

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Biggy Fat aka Billy Lee -


I simply must tell you - Daniel's Deadbeat Superaffiliate/Profitzon course really got me off the ground with affiliate marketing. For years I thought Clickbank was where it was with affiliate marketing, but since using Daniel's strategies I have made a site that has generated some of the easiest sales I've made in a long time. And not only that, I cashed in and flipped the site for a few hundred dollars.

Daniel goes out of his way to show you just how to grab low comp and high search keywords, how to write reviews, and what to do to increase conversions. If you are a newbie and struggling with Clickbank, check out Dan's course and see the sheer amounts of $$$ you're missing out on. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

- Stella Lukita -


Hi, I know Daniel Brock's course from WF when I just browsed some threads about how to make money on Amazon. I am not sort of person who can easily buy info product, especially when there's so much hype about how to make money on internet. I must say I was impressed with the detail course. The material comes with video that easy to understand, especially for newbies.

He's not only teach the basic thing, but also tips and tricks to help me understand about how to increase the conversions,which that means getting more income.He always reply my e-mail and his course not kind of hype which tells you can make money in one night. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing world like me, and serious to start business with affiliate marketing model, then you should buy this course. No hype, honest and you will learn many things from Dan's course.

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

Dan gave me a bunch of tricks to pick the right low competition physical product names as keywords and taught me that all the data for the review is right there on Amazon. He also taught me the essence of the SEO I needed to drive free traffic without spending hours or dollars.

After only 30 days of operation, and about 6 hours of work, my new site is already generating 40 visits a day with zero advertising. I am on the 2nd page of Google for several keywords and climbing fast. I made my first sale in exactly 30 days, and I'm on my way. Next step, backlinks! Thanks Dan!

- Korak Mitra
Sunnyvale CA

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

My name is Peggy Lamb, and I am a semi-retired educator., So therefore I do know a little about teaching style and cognitive retention. I would recommend your training courses to anyone. It doesn't matter your level of education, nor does the level of techie geeky phobia one may have. Your training courses are the greatest. I have dabbled on the Internet for about 3 years and I am sorry to say stuck with nothing. Now as I said earlier I am not a stranger to learning or teaching styles. Every other course I encountered left me more confused than when I started, and most courses diminished my desire to start an online business.

All the courses were quick to point out that only 2-3% were successful....well that always brought the question to my mind: "Why did you just take my damn money", if you knew this wasn't going to work? Not you, from the moment I went into your membership site, I knew that I had struck gold, I downloaded the training videos and enjoyed and understood each and everyone. I have not fully implemented the program as I only have limited time to work on my special projects. With the training provided by you I have no fear of failure, in fact I know I will be successful, as long as I am consistent with the program you teach.

I look forward to your emails, and open and read each one. You are a breath of fresh air, not only is your demeanor carefree and uplifting, you create a quality products. I am looking forward to your new product launch with my credit card in my hand, also the new software sounds way cool, and I can't wait.

- Peggy Lamb

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

"I purchased this system a few days ago and haven't gotten more than 4hrs. of sleep since!

I LOVE Daniel's training approach - very professional and the video/text combo makes it so easy to follow.

I haven't been "confused" yet and I'm halfway through!

I plan to have at least one site up by next week and will be back to report my progress"

MsMotivation1, Warrior Forum

"I've been using Dan's system for about a month now. Set up 6 Deadbeat sites and have sold almost $20,000 in physical goods already with great 6% commissions. I usually don't post reviews but just thought I had to in this case. ROCK SOLID DANIEL! Safe Travels."

GSX Enterprises, Warrior Forum

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

"Although I've been lurking lately more than posting, I've had to chime in on this....It is definitely worth it!

Whether you are a newbie or have current Amazon Associates experience, this course will fill in the gaps for you! 

Daniel really knows his material and his videos and course content really covers all the bases.....It will work BUT you need to follow his steps! (Also, pay close attention to his information on link building for THAT is the key that really makes it all work! You will learn some great link building tips that most WSO's don't cover!)

PLUS, Daniel is very quick to reply to any questions that you may have. He's very knowledgeable and definitely will help you out!

I've always done well with Amazon Associates but I do believe that the steps and advanced strategies in his course are what will really take my success to the next level! 

If this was an Amazon product, I'd give it 5 stars!"

- Michael Franklin, Warrior Forum

Disclaimer: This is an outlier student testimonial. And while I get new success stories from students regularly, the average student earns no money at all.

"Hey Daniel just wanted to say thank you for the course. I stayed up all night going through the material. If anyone is on the fence about this and you are wondering how to promote Amazon products then you need to just get it.

Daniel could have easily kept all of this information to himself to cut down on the competition but he decided to share it with everyone. Thanks for sharing the great information."

spoon4160, Warrior Forum

P.P.P.S.  Remember, you're totally covered by my 100% no questions asked money back guarantee for a full 30 days… and if you take action and follow my step by step formula and somehow manage not to make money, contact me and I'll promptly refund you your money..

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