Disclaimer: While all examples and results shown on this website are real, they are not intended to represent or to guarantee specific results, and the average student may experience different results.

Deadbeat MillionaireDeadbeat Millionaire

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"The Deadbeat Millionaire" Instant Affiliate Site Builder!

This is the same software I now personally use to generate the "Deadbeat sites" that make me $25,556 or more every single month on near-autopilot…

Here's what's included with the Deadbeat Millionaire software upgrade:

Create Over 20 of My Personal, Highest - Banking "Instant Paycheck" Online Income Streams!

The Deadbeat Millionaire software serves you up 20 of my very best-performing money-getting online income streams with just a couple clicks… so NEVER waste any time figuring out how to make the most money, because every "instant paycheck" is created for you.

So while most people are still stuck in "research mode"… you're already potentially earning commissions!

With the Deadbeat Millionaire software, you get to access...

The Hottest Niches

Forget "finding a niche." With Deadbeat Millionaire, my team hand-delivers you my own profit-proven niches, right from the start.

Not only that… when I discover a white-hot new niche, Deadbeat Millionaire passes it on straight to YOU automatically for FREE.

It's like spying over my shoulder and stealing my best money-getting ideas…

Look, it's no secret that the niche you go with can either make success nearly automatic… OR… set you up to fail.

When I first got started, I had no clue how to spot the difference between a $100/month niche, and a $1,000+/month niche…

… and with the Deadbeat Millionaire software, you get to skip right past that "learning curve" and automatically get only the highest-converting and most profitable ones right from day one.

And that's key to your success, because…

Automatic Top Conversions =
Maximum Money With Minimum Effort!

That means you never…ever get stuck in "research mode," so you can get your first instant paychecks coming in, ready to sign and cash, while most "guru courses" would still have you watching training videos and slogging through PDFs.

Of course, you also get…

The Most Profitable Keywords

Let me tell you… if there's one thing that bores me more than niche research… it's keyword research. It's like the most boring parts of English and math class fused into one!

Heck, I just yawned while I was typing that sentence.

I don't know… maybe you're one of those people who read the dictionary for pleasure and thinks keyword research is fun. If so… beat yourself with a toy hammer.

Otherwise, do what I do and let the Deadbeat Millionaire software handle all the "keyword" stuff for you.

With this software, every keyword that goes into your Deadbeat Millionaire "instant paychecks" has been pre-researched by me and my team…

And that guarantees it fits right into the right "sweet spot" that gets you maximum love from the search engines – free and FAST.

Speaking of the search engines, you probably know that quality content = long term traffic… and that's why with Deadbeat Millionaire I'm making sure you get…

Quality Content That Converts Into Sales

Content is king on the internet, so I always make sure that every income stream I build is loaded with useful content that can turn traffic into sales.

And if you add in a small amount of elbow greese (easily done during a tv commercial break)...

You can potentially see serious daily traffic like this:

… and I've never revealed some of the methods that are "hard coded" right into the Deadbeat Millionaire software.

They're just too good to share in public, because they not only set your traffic counters wild…

… they automatically rake in profits for me while I sit on the couch and concentrate on getting to the next level in Portal 2.

Deadbeat MillionaireDeadbeat Millionaire

Remember, this isn't "theory"… this isn't just a bunch of "training"… this software ALREADY WORKS for me every single day.

Here are pictures I took of the stacks upon stacks of commission paychecks I've been pulling in:

Disclaimer: While all examples and results shown on this website are real, they are not intended to represent or to guarantee specific results, and the average student may experience different results.

(Another batch from the various affiliate networks I work with)

(An even bigger batch of monthly affiliate checks from my Deadbeat Sites)

There's absolutely zero guess-work involved – because I've already proven these sites to work.

Even if you've never made a single
dime online in your deadbeat life!

All you need to do is set it in motion…

… and when you do, you'll quickly discover why I call the streams of income the Deadbeat Millionaire software generates for me "instant paychecks."

Because what you're getting goes way beyond the usual "bare bones websites" you might have seen before.

After all, I don't want you doing any of the tedious "hard work" stuff, like…

I guess I'm spoiled now – because now I never have to spend time on any of that stuff anymore if I don't want to… and with the Deadbeat Millionaire software, I'm HANDING YOU the same ability to…

Generate Traffic… Sales… And Affiliate Commission Checks From Day One, With EVERYTHING "Figured Out" And Polished For Maximum Profits – FOR YOU

That means there's no loooong training to sit through before you start making money anymore.

No learning curve… no tech skills or experience required.

You get all the income you'd get doing everything from "scratch" (and then some, since you're not wasting time on techy stuff)… with just a tiny fraction of the effort.

And this is HUGE for you, even if you're one of those people who don't mind rolling up their sleeves and doing stuff the hard way…

Because even if you're a "type A" action-taker, these done-for-you "instant paychecks" are the absolute fastest way to get real PROFITS coming in.

Just set them up once… and keep on cashing in every single month.

After all…

If You Want To Be A
"Deadbeat Millionaire"…
You've Got To AUTOMATE As Much As You Possibly Can!

There's no prize for learning the most about Internet marketing. Heck, if that was what it took, I'd be broke.

There's plenty of people who know much more about all the geeky, techy stuff than me. But I'm the one collecting the big checks.

And it's all because I don't spend time worrying about all the usual stuff that keeps most affiliates up at night like…

  • Did you choose the right niche?
  • The right keywords?
  • The right site structure?
  • The right content?

ZZZZZzzzzzz. I'd rather exercise than think about all that stuff… and that's saying something.

When you go through all that, and it doesn't pay off… it's demoralizing. You just end up overwhelmed… chasing new tactics… and never really getting anywhere.

That's certainly not the "Internet lifestyle" I'm after…

And it's a big reason a lot of people who get into making money online end up quitting their dreams rather than their jobs.

With the Deadbeat Millionaire software, there's no guess-work… no careless mistakes… no stressing out over setting up techy mumbo-jumbo like "cloaking affiliate links"…

So you get paid faster – with the confidence you get from knowing you can "rinse and repeat" the same PROVEN process over and over until you reach any income goal you set for yourself from now on...

... even if you're starting from absolutely nowhere.

Just like over 8000 people have already done with Deadbeat Superaffiliate – only even faster and easier.

Because now, with the Deadbeat Millionaire software...

You'll Never Need To Worry About... Well... Pretty Much Anything Again!

I sure don't…

Heck, the kind of income these "instant paychecks" produce is so passive (and stable from one month to the next)…

… I had one of my most profitable months ever while I was on doctor's orders to stay in bed after somebody talked me into taking a martial arts class, and my "passive resistance" style got me a twisted knee!

And this is the EXACT same system (and automation) I use myself – so you can potentially get there even faster than I did. After all, you're starting where I am right now, without having to figure out anything for yourself.

What You Choose To Do After That Is Up To You – Just Be Careful Of Any "Extreme Sports" Or Anything That Gets In The Way Of Lounging…

Maybe you'll decide to travel – I did that for a while and had a blast…

(That was before I discovered the Travel Channel – why didn't the travel agent tell me I could have somebody else do all that flying and just send the video right to my flat-screen?)

Or maybe you'll get a little "gadget happy" and get yourself some toys off your wish list. I went through that phase, too…

Bottom line is… since the Deadbeat Millionaire software starts you off CLONING my own most profitable "Deadbeat Sites"…

You can be anywhere, doing anything

The couch (my preference)… a coffee shop… traveling the world… doesn't matter.

Trust me ­– there's no other feeling quite like that.

Just please don't send me any photos of you bungee jumping or kayaking or rock-climbing or any of that "action" stuff, if you're into that.

(Last year, one of my friends showed me a video of him skydiving and just watching it made me so tired I had to sleep in an extra two hours the next day).

Now, I realize I should be charging some kind of monthly "membership" fee for all this…

But the thing is, I just know managing all kinds of monthly memberships would turn into w-o-r-k.

In case you haven't noticed, I like to just do things ONCE, and be done with it.

So even though this absolutely should be $97 or $197 per month

… right now you can lock in your copy of the Deadbeat Millionaire software…

Just ONE single payment of $97
with no more charges – ever.

I hope that's OK with you.

And it goes without saying all this is still backed up with my rock-solid…

Unconditional 100% Refund Guarantee For A Full 30 Days…

No fine print : You're either just as convinced a month from now – after seeing the Deadbeat Millionaire software create my profit-pulling "Deadbeat Sites" for you… counting up all the hours you've saved and money you've made… and getting all the bonuses month after month – that this a complete no brainer deal, or I insist on giving you every penny back right away.

No hassles, no run-arounds, no work of any kind.

The Deadbeat Millionaire software runs completely online – so it works equally well on PC's and Macs. All you need is an Internet connection.

I can't guarantee exactly how long I'll make this available, though…

But Remember, Deadbeat Millionaire is 100% guaranteed, so there's no risk except losing out if you don't get in now.

PLUS… There's no excuse to dawdle even if you're as "unmotivated" as I am, because it's incredibly easy to get started:

YES Dan! I want to lock in my license with all the free updates of the Deadbeat Millionaire software…

… and I want to make sure I get all this for just $97 – and pay just ONCE, even though I'm getting all kinds of bonuses for months afterward.

I know your guru JV's are probably sending some guys over to your house right now to "talk you into" raising the price, so I'm clicking the "Add to Cart" button right now to lock in the one-time rate risk-free:

The Upgrade Button Is Below:

Deadbeat MillionaireDeadbeat Millionaire


P.S. The way Internet marketing is going, you've pretty much got three choices:

You can believe in the bait-and-switch "one click" promises that don't tell you a thing about how they work (we all know how that turns out)…

You can go with the "hard work builds character" gurus who insist you've got to watch their 337 hours of video and come to San Diego for a four-day seminar before you're worthy to make money online (I don't know about you, but I decided to work from home so I wouldn't have to sit through meetings)… OR

You can start profiting right away from software that's the closest thing to "push button" affiliate marketing I've ever found that really works – all for a one-time investment of $97 that you can make back with your first affiliate commission!

I know you'll make the right call – and I'll see you on the inside…


P.P.S. I've gotta stop typing, or my remote-control hand is going to be ruined for Call of Duty this afternoon. But I've listed a few "Frequently Asked Questions" about the Deadbeat Millionaire software here so you don't have to go searching back through the letter for the answers if you missed them – that would be way too much work:

Yes! I want to add Deadbeat Millionaire to my order so that I can get started immediately with proven cash pulling done for you websites.

Deadbeat MillionaireDeadbeat Millionaire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work only for Dan's preprogrammed niches?
A: No Way. It automates income streams for any niche you want, and it's super easy to setup with my walk-through instructions.

Q: Will the Deadbeat Millionaire software work on my computer?
A: All you need is an Internet connection – so Deadbeat Millionaire works on BOTH PC's and Mac's.

Q: Do I need any prior experience?
A: Deadbeat Millionaire is designed to work FAST with no experience (but even if you DO have experience, you'll get massive time savings and leverage from putting the Deadbeat Millionaire software to work.)

Q: Is Deadbeat Millionaire easy to install?
A:YES! There's no complicated installation or "techie stuff" required. You can be up and running in 5 minutes or less.

Q: How do I get paid with Deadbeat Millionaire? Do I need to apply to affiliate programs before I can get started?
A:Deadbeat Millionaire works with ANY affiliate program (and even your own products, if you want) – but you can start right away with "auto-approve" programs like Clickbank and Amazon. That way, you can start earning your first "instant paychecks" right away.

Q: Do I need anything else besides the software to start making money?
A: Yes. The Deadbeat Millionaire software installs Wordpress blogs on your hosting account, therefore you will need a web host who can support Wordpress. 

Yes! I want to add Deadbeat Millionaire to my order so that I can get started immediately with proven cash pulling done for you websites.

Deadbeat MillionaireDeadbeat Millionaire


No Thanks Dan, I'd like to pass on this offer because I like doing more work than I have to!



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