Pre-Launch Prizes + Pre-launch Email Swipes

Dan here from the Deadbeat Super Affiliate. Launch prep is going smoothly – testing has been phenominal with affiliate EPCs up to $2.61 (cold traffic straight from email swipe) and we’ve two more split tests lined up before launch day to tweak it even further!

Pre-launch starts tomorrow the 26th of October at 12:00PM EST. I’ll show you the prizes in a sec, quickly I want to talk about why you should promote pre-launch.

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Top 6 Reasons why you should promote on pre-launch:

  • The pre-launch content is very valuable information your subscribers will thank you for. These are content pieces that I could easily sell for $27 and $37 on their own!

Pre-launch Content 1 (October 26th): This is a unique montage of the “Average Day of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate” + and Introduction to what all my methods are about and what they are going to get in the following days of pre-launch. This is a really funny video – you should check it out too when you get a chance :)

Pre-launch Content 2 (October 28th): This is my powerful “Google Proof Product Review Formula”. I show your subscribers how to command top Google rankings for product reviews. If you know anything about product review affiliate marketing, you know that competition is getting stiff for these product review websites. This formula teaches your subscribers how to write valuable product reviews that not only Google will reward you for, but other people will find real value in. This concept is crucial because without it you have to slave away at boring and tedious SEO link building.

Pre-Launch Content 3 (October 30th): I’m sharing a very unique strategy for selling products in foreign markets without knowing a word of the language. From my research and experience, the competition in these markets are so low it’s like you traveled back in time 10 years. This will allow your subscribers to make money in markets they’ve never dreamed of, and it will be so easy for them to finally make money online because of the lack of competition.

  • Your affiliate links will be embeded in all follow up emails so that you can receive maximum commissions!
  • Because of the powerful content we are sharing in pre-launch, your conversion rates will skyrocket on launch day.
  • The sales letter is a proven high converting sales page. We’re seeing conversions around 6% FE, and 15% $197 upsell. Both are being improved with split tests lined up until launch day, and we also now have One Click Upsell so that should help increase conversions even more on the $197 upsell.
  • We’ll recripocate on your pre-launch and launch (priority given to top partners – sorry, that’s just the way it works).
  • And we’ve got KILLER pre-launch prizes. Check them out:

You could be going home with one of these sweet prizes if you send us just a small amount of subscribers

Please make sure you are signed up on my JV list here. It makes tracking who sent the opt-ins a lot easier:

Here Are Your Pre-Launch Swipe Files

Pre-launch 1 (October 26th)

SUBJECT: Is this just an act? [video]

One thing’s for sure: This isn’t your usual
Internet marketing video. And the guy
“starring” in it sure isn’t an average


In fact, this guy might just be the laziest
person I’ve ever seen… or is it just an

Watch the video, and see what you think –
because if he’s making *this* kind of cash,
with this little effort, he sure must be doing
something right that most affiliates just
don’t “get”…




End Swipe 1


Pre-Launch 2 (October 28th)

SUBJECT: Is *this* the secret to “lazy” affiliate marketing?

“Review sites” used to be the hottest way
to make easy money in affiliate marketing…

… until they started getting “slapped” by
Google right and left. But Dan Brock, in
the few hours a day he’s actually awake, has
managed to crack the code to writing affiliate
product reviews Google *loves*…

… and doing it in a fraction of the time most
people spend sweating it out writing articles…


He’s flat out GIVING his method away in this
video, but it’s not going to be up for long…
so if you’ve got any interest in making money
as an affiliate with free Google traffic, you
need to watch it right away.

Click here to check it out:


Talk Soon!


End Swipe 2


Pre-Launch 3 (October 30th)

SUBJECT: Take a vacation (and get bigger commission checks)…

If you’ve gotten frustrated with the cutthroat
competition for affiliate commissions in hot
markets in the U.S…

… Deadbeat Superaffiliate Dan Brock just
released a new video where he’s spilling
the beans on a method you can use right
now to clean up in the most profitable niches
*without* the crowds — by taking your
campaigns overseas.


And the best part is, he’s revealing how he’s
absolutely killing it in these foreign markets
even though he doesn’t speak a word of
any of the languages he’s selling in.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing
“short cuts” I’ve seen in a long time — and
this free video tells you how to start copying
the method immediately — even if you’re
brand new Internet marketing — and all
with 100% free traffic.

Here’s the link (make sure you take a
minute to watch this now, while it’s on
your mind, because it’s coming down in
just a day or so):



Get Ready, Because This Will Be Epic!

This launch is destined to be epic. EPCs are off the chart (testing affiliates telling me it’s been one of the best if not THE best promotions they’ve run). The majority of my JV partners are still in, and we’re picking up new partners like crazy as we get closer to launch. So far we have over 300 affiliates on board with 40+ heavy hitters pushing this bad boy!

Make sure you get on this pre-launch so you can take the lion-share of the profits :)

Keep an eye out of for my JV emails – going to be sending new swipes and leader board updates as they come in.